Saffron : Indian Cuisine, Restaurant and Bar Charlotte, NC
2135-B, Ayrsley Town Blvd                
Charlotte, NC 28273                 
Tel: 980-297-7722   Fax : 980 297 7724       
Catering Hotline   704-889-3663(food)

Restaurant - Timing
Mon-Fri : 11.00a-2.30p,
            5.00p-9.30p (Fri:10.30p) Sat  : 11.00a-3.00p, 5-10.30p
Sun : 11.00a-3.00p, Closed/PB** Lunch Buffet- daily
** Private Banqueting
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Saffron - the Restaurant
Come experience the thrill of exotic Indian cooking, home of Traditional North Indian Dinning. Saffron's talented chefs will amaze you with their culinary expertise as they prepare your food from our extensive entree menu, whether you are in the mood of tender Lamb, succulent Chicken, seafood or fresh vegetables. All entrees comes with Basmati Rice. Maharaja and Maharani Dinner is truly fit for royality. compliment your dinner with Indian Beers ie Maharaja, Taj Mahal, Kinffisher and Flying Horse and the special taste of Indian desserts. The restaurant creates and offer a unique dinning experience. Our experienced staff has the knowledge and skills to make your dinning experience memorable. And our service staff will provide you with impeccable service.

Catering by Saffron
Catering by Saffron has been synonymous with excellent quality and exemplary service with unique interpretations of the diversity of taste the Indian subcontinent has to offer. We invite you to experience the outstanding, delicious and perfectly seasoned offerings with various service packages.
You are invited to visit Saffron to experience a symphony of Indian flavors that's sure to satisfy both the novice and the connoisseur alike.
  • Menu prices and restaurant timings are subject to change without notice.
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